50 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her in 2023

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Rather than buying big-ticket items like engagement rings or diamond necklaces, focus on doing things that will make your significant other feel genuinely valued.

A thoughtful gift that shows you’ve been paying attention and caring about your shared interests or concerns can be more meaningful than an expensive one.

In this article, we’ll explore some of our favorite ideas for anniversary gifts that will make her eyes light up!

50 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

1. Date Night Bucket List

A date night bucket list is an excellent way to track activities you would like to do with each other in the future. It’s like having a bucket list of things you want to do together as a couple — but with an added twist!

The idea is simple: create a list of activities you want to try, then tick them off when you do them together. You could even make it into a game by awarding points if you complete enough activities on your list.

Date Night Bucket List Ideas:

  • Go to a wine-tasting course
  • Take a cooking class together
  • Try out a new restaurant in town (and make sure you order something different from what you usually have!)
  • Go on an adventure and explore somewhere new with your loved one -Take a cooking class together
  • Learn how to surf/sail/kiteboard
  • Take a salsa dance class together
  • Attend an improved comedy show and learn how to be funny!

2. A Visit to Her Favorite Restaurant

Her next anniversary gift idea is a visit to her favorite restaurant. If you don’t know what this is, ask her! If you know, make reservations and prepare for a fantastic evening out.

If you are on a budget, check with the restaurant to see if they have any specials. You can also look online at other restaurants that offer great food at affordable prices.

3. Concert Ticket for Her Favorite Band

If your girlfriend loves music, consider buying her a ticket to see her favorite band or musician. You can even go together and make it a fun date night!

If you’re not sure what her favorite band is, ask her friends or family members who might know. Or, if you want to surprise her, go online and search for upcoming concerts in your area and see if any of them are on her list of must-sees.

If you don’t want to spend much on concert tickets, consider an alternative, like attending a free show or an acoustic house concert. If she likes music and wants to support independent artists, this is a great way to do so while having a fantastic night out together.

4. Pampering Session

Spending time alone with each other is another great idea for anniversary gifts for her. Take some time off from work so that you can take her out on a date and spoil her with pampering sessions such as a manicure or pedicure, massage, and spa treatments at home.

Don’t forget about the little things! While significant gifts are lovely, don’t forget the little things like candles or other scented items that will help make her day extra special.

5. Lingerie From Her Favorite Store

If she loves Victoria’s Secret PINK, for example, getting her a set of panties or a bra from this brand will show her how much you appreciate her. You’ll know exactly what size she wears and her favorite styles, making picking something easy! Plus, lingerie is always a good choice because it’s sexy and fun to unwrap!

6. Love Notes Jar

A love notes jar is a simple way to show your partner you care. Fill a jar with brief notes that say something special to your partner and give them one at a time throughout the year. You can also write a longer note on a card, seal it in an envelope, and add it to the jar.

Love notes can be anything from romantic quotes to funny stories about things that happened between you two. The idea behind this gift is that it’s a way to show your partner how much you love them without spending money on expensive gifts.

The best part about this gift is that when you run out of ideas, get another jar!

7. Relationship Time Capsule

This is an excellent idea for couples who have been married for many years and want to celebrate their relationship with each other. You can create a box of memories and mementos from the time you’ve spent together and then bury it in the backyard as part of a ceremony where you read letters from each other, sing songs, dance together, etc.

After burying the time capsule, you can return on your anniversary every year and add more memories from your relationship over time. This will help you both remember all the good times you’ve had together so far, and I look forward to more happy times in the future as well!

8. A Pair of Antique Earrings

Antique earrings are a brilliant choice because they are beautiful and can be worn with any outfit. They also make a wonderful gift because they have an elegant, classic look that never goes out of style. This means that your girlfriend or wife can wear them for years without worrying about whether or not they are still in style.

9. A Memento of Your First Date

If you’ve been married or dating for a while, chances are good that your first date was pretty memorable. A souvenir from this date can serve as a reminder of how much fun it was spending time together and will also remind her why she loves being with you so much.

She’ll appreciate having something with meaning behind it instead of just another piece of jewelry or clothing that seems so familiar these days!

10. A Well-Planned (as a Couple) Adventure

One of the best things you can do is plan a well-planned adventure as a couple. The key to success is ensuring your plans are well thought out, safe, and fun. A great way to do this is by taking an adventure vacation with each other.

You might not know where you should go or what activity you should try next, but don’t worry! There are plenty of options available to make sure that neither one of you has any regrets about how much time and money was spent on your trip.

If only there were some online guide that could tell us exactly what we need to do for our next adventure trip, not only to be successful but also meaningful at the same time.

11. Framed Photo of Her Favorite Memory

This is a great way to show her your appreciation and love. If she has a perfect memory that you want to preserve, try finding the perfect picture of it. It can be a photo of the two of you or something else from your past—the key is that it’s significant to your relationship with her, so make sure you choose wisely!

After purchasing the picture frame, all that’s left is putting the two together in one thoughtful gesture. You can find some fantastic frames at places like ABC store, but if you’re looking for something more personal, go ahead and choose one from local art galleries or even craft stores.

12. Jewelry

Jewelry makes a good gift for an anniversary. A necklace, bracelet, earrings, or ring can signify love and promise. Many people like diamonds on their jewelry because they are strong and look pretty forever.

Gold and silver pieces are also often picked for these gifts. You can even make the jewelry more special for her by adding words or gems that matter to both of you!

13. Customized Art

You can make art that shows her love. Start with a drawing of you two together. Or, it could be a painting of where you first met. Some shops let you turn an important song into art! They use the words from your song to create unique pieces.

You have to pick the colors and sizes! This kind of gift is special because no one else will have one like it. It’s made just for her.

14. Spa Day

A spa day is a great gift for her on an anniversary. She can relax with massages, facials, and manicures. This gift shows you care about her well-being. Some spas offer special packages for anniversaries.

She can enjoy the spa day alone, or you can go together for fun.

15. Weekend Getaway

Take your girl on a weekend getaway. It can be by the sea or in the mountains. Make sure it’s a spot she loves. This will show her how much you care about her likes and dislikes. This trip will let both of you relax and spend quality time together.

Another great idea is to visit a place where she has always wanted to go. You can plan surprises along the way, too! A boat ride, a fancy dinner, or even just watching the sunset together – all these small things will make this trip more special for her.

16. Handwritten Love Letter

A handwritten love letter makes a great gift for her. You can share your feelings and memories in your own words. It shows how much you care. Your girl will feel special when she reads it.

This old-school gift is very thoughtful and romantic. She will keep this letter forever as a sign of your love for her. Writing a love letter by hand is not hard, but it means a lot to them.

17. Cook Her Favorite Meal

Cooking her favorite meal can be a great gift. She will love it when you take the time to make something special for her. It is not just about eating good food. It shows you know what she likes and care enough to do this for her.

This gift has a lot of thought and love in it.

18. Customized Jewelry

Get her a gift that shines! Customized jewelry is a great idea. You can make it special by adding her name or initials. The Kaieldesigns Personalized Cuff Bracelet is one good choice.

It’s not too costly but still shows you care. Another option could be the Maya Brenner Custom Gold Necklace – 3 Letters, which lets you add three letters of your choice for a personal touch.

Be sure to think about what she likes when picking a piece.

19. Perfume or Fragrance

Perfume is a great gift idea for her. You can pick from many smells like floral, fruity, or woody. Brands like Chanel, Gucci, and Dior make good perfumes. Romance is often tied to perfume.

A special scent can bring back happy times and feelings. It’s sure to be a hit as an anniversary gift!

20. Personalized Photo Album

A personalized photo album makes a great gift. You can fill it with special pictures of both of you. It’s more than just a book. It’s full of your best times together. This is why it’s thoughtful and sweet for anniversaries.

You can get one from many places, but no details are given about where specifically to buy them from or how much they cost. The key thing is the photo album should be unique to you two as a couple.

21. Gourmet Chocolate Box

A gourmet chocolate box makes a sweet gift. These chocolates taste great! They’re fancy and come in many flavors. Think about her favorite types of chocolate. Does she like dark, milk, or white? Does she love nuts or fruit fillings? You can find the perfect box for her tastes.

Plus, some boxes even come shaped like hearts or flowers! This gift is sure to bring a smile to her face on your special day.

22. Customized Calendar-

A custom calendar can be a great gift. You make it special with photos and dates that matter to both of you. Use fun pictures from trips or sweet moments together. Mark important days like your first kiss, first date, and the day she said ‘yes.’

It’s more than just a tool to track time. It’s a way to show her every day how much you care. This personalized reminder tells her daily that love blooms all year round, not just on your anniversary!

23. Wine Tasting Experience

Wine tasting is a great gift for an anniversary. It’s fun and different. You can try many kinds of wine and learn about them, too. You will know how they taste and what makes each one special.

A wine-tasting trip can be made just for her likes. This makes the gift even more special. Wine tasting is also romantic, making it a good gift for an anniversary day!

24. Name a Star

Giving a star her name is a unique gift idea. Star naming lets you pick a real star from the sky and give it her name! You will get a certificate to show it’s true. This gift says you think she shines bright in your life.

It is not just for today, but forever, because stars shine for years and years!

25. Aromatherapy Diffuser

An aromatherapy diffuser makes a great gift. It fills the room with soft scents from oils. The wife can use it to relax or feel happy. Some have lights that change colors, too. It’s not a usual gift, which makes it special and unique!

26. Customized Jewelry Box

A customized jewelry box is a great gift choice. It can make her feel special on her anniversary. You can pick out a design or add her name to the box. This makes it feel personal and unique just for her.

She will love having a safe place to keep all her pretty things.

27. Luxury Handbag

A luxury handbag makes a great anniversary gift. A nice bag can make them feel special and grown-up. Bags from famous brands often have high price tags.

But you do not need to stress about that! There are many bags of good quality but at lower prices.

Your girl will be happy with any bag you give her if she knows it comes from your heart. You give her a pretty thing by doing this and show your care for her needs and tastes.

She can use the bag when going out or show off to friends at school as evidence of her love.

28. Elegant Watch

An elegant watch is a great gift. It tells her that you value the time spent together. Pick one with shiny gems or classy metals like gold or silver. The band could be sleek leather or metal links.

Make sure it matches her style so she can wear it every day!

29. Sculpture or Art Piece

You can buy a sculpture or an art piece for your anniversary gift. This type of gift is special and personal. You can get one showing things you love, like hearts or nature scenes.

Some are made from metal, glass, wood, or ceramic. You can find these gifts online, in art shops, or have them made just for you by an artist.

30. Scented Candles

You can buy scented candles as an anniversary gift. They come in many smells your partner might like. Brands like Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works, and Jo Malone make great ones. Most are made from soy wax, which is good for the Earth.

31. Personalized Love Book

You can make a Personalized Love Book. It’s a book where you write about your love story. You write all the best parts of your time together in it. It’s a sweet and special gift that she will love.

The book is easy to make, too! You can do it all alone or use an online service to help you. Fill the pages with pictures, words, and drawings. Make her feel loved every time she reads it.

32. Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride can be a great gift for an anniversary. It’s not just fun but also very romantic. Imagine going up in the sky with your love! You both will see beautiful views from high above.

The bride’s editors say this is a very good idea. But you must book it early as it may get sold out fast!

33. Name a Rose

Giving a rose is sweet. Still, you can make it better. You can now name a real rose after her! This special gift will last forever. It is not just romantic but also unique and memorable.

The name of the rose will be kept in the World Rose Registry book. Each time she sees that rose type, she will think of you and your love for her.

34. Gourmet Dinner Cruise

Give her a night to remember with a Gourmet Dinner Cruise. It’s not just dinner but a thrilling ride on the water. The food tastes amazing and the views are stunning, too! This gift is romantic and full of fun.

She’ll love this special way to mark your anniversary day.

35. Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are a great gift idea. They show love and promise. Each pair can be different, just like the girl who gets them. Fancy or simple, they all look good with any outfit.

Earrings made of diamonds are special. They make a girl feel rich and loved. Think about diamond earrings if you want to give something nice on an anniversary.

36. Customized Song Lyrics

Make your song. Talk to a songwriter about your love story. Tell them about the fun times and the hard times. They can put it all into a song just for you two. It’s like telling her, “Our love is so special; it has its song.” It shows how much she means to you.

37. Weekend Retreat

Plan a weekend trip away for her. Pick a place she likes. It could be the beach, mountains, or city. You can stay in a nice hotel or cabin. Bring her favorite treats like Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars made from cocoa from good farms.

But don’t forget that shipping costs $10 if you buy less than $85! Surprise her with an Image 3-D Reel Viewer as one of your gifts during the retreat. It lets you put seven pictures on one reel to view – making your own takes around 20 minutes and is fun! This retreat will make both of you happy and give you time to relax together!

38. Customized Robe or Pajamas

Customized robes or pajamas make a great gift. You can pick her favorite color and add her name or initials. It shows you put thought into the gift. This is something she can use every day, making it useful too.

Always choose soft and comfy materials to make sure she loves wearing them!

39. Cooking Class

A cooking class makes a great gift. You learn to cook new dishes together. It’s fun and useful at the same time.

In this class, you work with each other. You also get to eat tasty food that you make. It’s a gift that lasts because the skills keep on giving. A cooking class can be different every time too.

Some focus on sweets like cupcakes or pies; others teach hot meals like pasta or steak. So pick one that suits her taste best!

40. Custom Illustration

You can get a custom illustration for your girlfriend. Artists create these drawings by hand. They use colors, shapes, and lines to make the picture look like her. It feels special because it is made just for her.

She will love seeing herself in art form!

41. Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is a great gift idea. It’s perfect for girls who like to stay fit and healthy. This cool gadget tracks heart rate, sleep patterns, and activity during the day.

The best part? Fitness trackers look trendy, too! They come in fun styles that girls love to wear all day long. You can use them to keep track of your fitness goals as well. Go ahead and show her you care about her health with this useful gift.

42. Spa Robe and Slippers

Think about giving your girl a spa robe and slippers. Both are often soft and comfy. Many robes are made from plush stuff like cotton. They may be long or short. Some come with slippers, too! It’s great because these things make you feel good and relaxed.

You can even get her name put on them if you want to add a personal touch!

43. Wine Country Tour

A Wine Country Tour could be the gift your special lady never knew she needed. It’s a trip to where wine is made, like Italy or France. You go to places with grape vines and see how wine is put in bottles.

This tour isn’t just about looking at grapes and bottles, though.

On this adventure, you also get to taste many types of wine. You can find her favorite one! A Wine Country Tour is a great idea if she likes trying new things or loves sips of good vino! With all the fun there, it might even be one of her best gifts ever!

44. Message in a Bottle

A bottle with a message inside makes a cool gift. You put your own words in the bottle. It has been done for many years and is filled with mystery and love. Your girl can keep this special gift forever.

It works well for any year’s anniversary, even big ones!

45. Subscription Box

A subscription box is a cool gift idea. You can send one to her every month. In this box, there are custom chocolate bars from Tony’s Chocolonely. They get cocoa from farms that treat workers well.

If you spend less than $85, you must pay $10 for shipping. This box also has an Image 3-D Create Your Reel Viewer. But be patient! The reel may take over two weeks to come after ordering it.

46 Handcrafted Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry is a great gift. It’s made with care and love. The MJM Rainbow Moonstone Hug Hoops are special hoop earrings. Try the Mejuri Pavé Diamond Slim Signet ring if she likes things that sparkle.

A nice bracelet option is the Kaieldesigns Personalized Cuff Bracelet. Handmade Soko Horn Pia Threader Earrings can give her a modern look. These items are not too costly yet hold so much value.

47. Crystal Vase

A crystal vase makes a great anniversary gift. It is not just for holding flowers but is a token of beauty and love. Many crystal vases come in different designs and sizes. They can sit pretty on her desk or shine bright as a centerpiece.

Apart from their charm, you can make them special with an engraving. You could put her name, your anniversary date, or even a short message on the vase! The engraved words will remind her of your deep affection whenever she looks at it.

Filling it with fresh flowers will bring out its elegance even more!

48. Customized Wall Art

Gift your wife customized wall art for your anniversary. This art can show special words or memories you two share. It’s a lasting idea full of thought and love. Think of your wife’s likes when picking the design.

Customized wall art stands out as a great gift that lasts.

49. Vintage or Antique Find

Look for an old but special item. Tony’s Chocolonely offers such finds. They make good gifts for your anniversary day. These items are different and caring. They also come from places that treat workers well.

You only pay $10 to get it sent if you spend less than $85 on the chocolate bars they have made just for you! This is a cheap way to say “I love you.”.

50. Personalized Jewelry Box

A personalized jewelry box is a top gift for her. It’s not just a place to keep rings, necklaces, and bracelets safe. Your girl will see her name or initials whenever she opens it.

That makes this gift extra special! She gets a hint of luxury each day. These boxes come in many styles to fit all kinds of looks. This could be the perfect anniversary idea you were looking for!

Final Thoughts on Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

We hope that you’ve found this post both helpful and insightful. With these meaningful anniversary gift ideas for her, you can ensure that your girlfriend or wife feels special and appreciated on your big day. After all, you’re building a lifetime of memories together!

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