50 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him in 2023


The best anniversary gifts for him are the ones that mean something. They might not be expensive, but they show how much you care about your partner in a way that goes beyond material things.

In this article, we will look at some of the most meaningful anniversary gifts for him—all of which will make for a great gift no matter your relationship with your guy. So get ready to surprise them with something special!

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  1. Traditional Anniversary Gifts
  2. Personalized Anniversary Gifts
  3. Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts
  4. Practical Anniversary Gifts
  5. Adventurous Anniversary Gifts
  6. Luxury Anniversary Gifts
  7. Last Minute Anniversary Gifts
  8. DIY Anniversary Gifts
  9. Final Thoughts on Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

1. Paper (1st anniversary)

On your 1st anniversary, paper is the gift to pick. It’s a symbol of new starts and growth. Hand-written love letters or poems are wonderful gifts. You can also gift him a book from his favorite author.

A set of personalized stationery can make him feel special, too. Find sheet music from his favorite band or song if he loves music. Another fun idea is a map of where you first met or had your first date!

2. Cotton (2nd anniversary)

Cotton is the gift for a 2nd anniversary. It shows how your love is both strong and soft. You could get him cotton gifts that he can use every day. A fun idea might be a pair of cool, comfy cotton socks or a cozy blanket.

There’s also the option of dress shirts in his favorite color.

There are lots of gifts made from this fabric to choose from. One cool choice could be an “Anniversary Men’s Gift Box” full of stuff he likes, packed into a cotton box! Another unique gift would be Fun Together Since Shirts with the year you met on them.

3. Leather (3rd anniversary)

Leather is a great gift for the third year of love. It stands for warmth and staying power. Think about special items like leather boots, jackets, or belts. You can also go small with things like wallets or bracelets.

If you want to add more heart, have it marked with his initials or a sweet note. This way, your present will stand out as unique and personal! A customized leather journal would be an excellent choice, too! Gifting leather on this anniversary is an old custom that adds value to the birthday treat.

4. Wood (5th anniversary)

Wood is the gift for your fifth year together. It stands for strength and growth in your relationship. You can say “I love you” with a wooden photo frame. The frame can hold a special picture of you two.

Or, pick other wooden items, like a custom sign, or an adventure book cover all made of wood.

5. Iron (6th anniversary)

Iron gifts are perfect for the 6th anniversary. They show how strong your love is. You can find lots of iron gift ideas online. A custom iron monogram or an iron key chain could be great choices.

These gifts have a lot of meaning. They show that you think your bond is as sturdy as iron. Choose an iron gift to make your 6th anniversary special!

Personalized Anniversary Gifts

6. Engraved or monogrammed items

Get a gift that stands out. Try engraved or monogrammed items! These special gifts can show thought and care. You could get an engraved wallet, watch, picture frame, or keychain. You can even pick a nice wine glass or cutting board for his home.

The thing that makes these gifts great is the personal touch. By adding his initials or a sweet note on it, you make it only for him. There are many materials to choose from – metal like gold or silver, leather, wood, and even glass! It’s an easy way to get a gift he will always keep close.

7. Customized with a special message or photo

A special message or photo can make a gift very special. A mug, keychain, or frame with your own words shows love. Or use a fun picture of you two! It does not cost much to do this.

Many places online let you do it. A ‘Love Song Picture Plaque’ can have your song on it. The ‘Our Adventure Book’ is also good for photos of trips together. These gifts show care and thought from you to him.

8. Personalized watch

A personalized watch is a great gift idea for him. He can wear it every day. You can put his name or special words on it. It will make the watch feel like it’s only for him. Anytime he looks at the time, he’ll think of you and your time together.

This gift stylishly shows your love.

9. Custom photo album

A custom photo album makes a special gift. You can fill it with pictures that tell your love story. Find photos of fun times, sweet moments, and big events you both shared. Give him this album as an anniversary gift.

Pick a nice album and put the pictures in order. Think about what each picture means to you two. This will make him smile every time he looks at it. A custom photo album is not just a book of photos but memories that come alive all over again!

10. Monogrammed cufflinks

One of our favorite gifts of all time is monogrammed cufflinks. They are such an elegant and classy option for any man in your life. He will truly appreciate the time and effort that went into finding the perfect pair for him.

The best part about these gifts is that they can be customized for any occasion. Whether it’s his birthday or anniversary, you can ensure he gets exactly what he wants with these custom accessories. They also make great gifts for groomsmen or other special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays!

11. Custom Mug

With a custom mug, you can create a personalized gift that will remind your husband of your anniversary every time he uses it. Custom mugs make great gifts because they’re useful and easy to personalize with pictures and messages. Plus, they can be used as decorative pieces in the home after the wedding day!

You can also make a custom mug yourself if you’re feeling crafty! There are countless online tutorials for DIY mugs, but it just takes time and patience. If you want to make your own gifts, Etsy has many options featuring different styles and designs—or head to Pinterest for more inspiration!

Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts

12. Experience gifts (e.g., sailing lesson, cooking class)

Experience gifts are perfect for an anniversary. Think about a sailing lesson or a cooking class. It can be exciting and fun.

Or, you might want to cook tasty food as a pair. You learn new ways to make meals while having fun with each other in the kitchen! These gifts aren’t just items; they’re shared moments too! They show that you put thought into your gift selection by matching it with what he likes doing.

13. Adventure gear (e.g., camping hammock, hiking boots)

Adventure gear like camping hammocks and hiking boots make great anniversary gifts. A camping hammock is a fun way to relax together outside. It can add a cozy touch to an outdoor date.

Think of it as a swing made for two!

Hiking boots are another awesome choice. They’re helpful for any guy who likes spending time in the great outdoors. These boots keep his feet safe on long walks or climbs. Plus, they show that you understand his interests and hobbies!

14. Subscription boxes (e.g., grooming, wine, book)

Subscription boxes make great gifts! There are boxes for all kinds of likes. Some men love to look and smell good. A grooming box includes nice soap, shaving cream, and cologne.

A wine box is perfect for those who enjoy a fine drink now and then. They can try different types of wines every month. A book box would be just right for someone who loves to read! Every month, they get a new book or two to enjoy.

It’s like getting a birthday present repeatedly throughout the year!

15. Lego Heart Keychain

The Lego Heart Keychain is a fun gift. This keychain playfully shows love. It can be a cute surprise for your boyfriend on your anniversary. There are no details about it here, but that’s part of the fun! You can look for it in different online stores.

16. Whiskey Stones

For the whiskey lover looking to drink their favorite beverage in a new way, look no further than whiskey stones. The perfect gift for any connoisseur or casual fan of all things whiskey.

These rocks are made of soapstone designed to chill your drink without diluting it. They can be used in any glass tumbler you have on hand—glassware that isn’t meant for ice will work fine!

If you’re not sure what kind of whiskey to get him yet, these are still a great option: even if he doesn’t like them (they’re pricey), they’ll still look lovely displayed on his desk as part of an office decor collection.

17. Customizable Leather Watch Box

A leather watch box has become very popular over the last few years because it is functional and stylish at the same time. It can hold all his watches, cuff links, and other accessories in one place, so he doesn’t have to worry about losing them when he travels or wants to keep them safe at home when they aren’t being worn.

The box has plenty of room inside, so all the watches fit comfortably without crowding each other out. It has a velvet-lined interior, so his watches won’t get scratched while stored inside this beautiful box.

This gift will be something your man can keep forever—and use every day! He’ll be able to keep his favorite watches safe without worrying about losing them when traveling or storing them somewhere else in his home.

Practical Anniversary Gifts

18. Tech gadgets (e.g., smartwatch, noise-canceling headphones)

A smartwatch is a fun and useful gift. It can help track workouts, tell time, and even make calls. For someone who loves tunes, think about noise-cancelling headphones. They block out sounds so your guy can enjoy his music more.

If he loses things often, you might choose gadgets like the Ekster leather smart wallet or Tile Bluetooth item locators. They help keep track of items!

It’s a place to drop all his things at once – phone, keys, and more – for easy charging!

19. Smartwatch, fitness tracker

Smartwatches and fitness trackers make great gifts. They are smart, cool tools that help keep track of health. These high-tech devices check heart rate, count steps, and even track sleep.

Some can also show texts or calls from a phone. This makes them perfect for active guys who are always on the go. Choose a design he will love to see on his wrist every day!

20. Tools for his interests or hobbies

Think about his favorite pastimes. You can buy him gear or tools for those. If he loves to golf, buy him a new club set. If he is into fishing, a new rod and reel would be great gifts.

Does he enjoy woodworking? Get him a personalized knife that says something special. For sports fans, consider gifts related to baseball or football games. These ideas will show thoughtfulness and support his hobbies, making the gift even more special.

21. Leather Travel Bag

A leather travel bag is a magnificent gift for a man who loves to be prepared and ready to go anytime! This is a great gift that is both practical and stylish. It can be used for your travels together or as a place to store his things when he’s at home.

Travel bags are a must for any man who is always on the go, and the leather variety is a great way to show him that you care about his needs. These come with plenty of pockets and compartments so that he can keep all of his belongings organized. It even has an extra strap to carry it as a backpack if needed!

22. Home storage box

Guys like stuff in order. A smart home storage box can help! It holds lots of things. He can put in keys, wallets, and more. This box helps to keep his space neat. It’s not just a gift – it saves time too! No more lost keys or wallet hunts early in the morning.

Other good choices are a personalized keychain holder or the Ultimate Organizing Box. These keep items easy to find. They also look fabulous on display! Buying them online gives you free shipping for orders above $75!

23. Grooming or shaving products

Grooming or shaving items work well as gifts. These products help guys look sharp and feel good. You can find many types, like a high-end razor set or fancy beard oil. Some guys like to try new things in their grooming routine.

They might like gifts like aftershaves, hair gels, or face masks.

A GQ box is a cool gift choice, too. It sends your guy grooming goodies every month! He will get new things to try all the time. Plus, he will think of you each time a box arrives! Silk boxers from Lunya are another great pick.

They look stylish and feel super soft on the skin.

24. Gaming console or virtual reality headset

A gaming console or a virtual reality headset makes a great gift! If he loves video games, he will love them. The latest consoles have top-notch graphics and tons of cool games. Virtual reality headsets let him step into other worlds.

These gifts are fun and exciting for game lovers. If you choose this idea, pick one that fits his favorite game!

25. RFID blocker & GPS item finder

An RFID blocker and item finder or locator is an excellent gift for him. This kit has items to help in tough spots. One item is Ekster’s leather smart wallet. It looks sleek and keeps cards safe. Another thing in the kit is Tile Bluetooth item locators.

These help find lost things like keys or bags – neat, right? Your guy will love this useful and cool gift on your anniversary!

26. Wireless Charging Valet Tray

A wireless charging valet tray is a great gift. It’s made of fine leather and looks nice. You can put your phone, watch, or earbuds on it to charge them without wires. No more messy cords! This tray keeps things neat while giving power to your devices.

It’s a useful gift for guys who like their stuff organized, charged, and ready to use.

27. Super-Soft Sweatpants

Super-soft sweatpants make a great gift. They feel comfy and look cool. Your boyfriend will love wearing them all the time. The pants are made of really soft cloth called French terry.

You can pick from 15 colors to find your favorite one. The pants also come in two sizes, for taller or regular guys. Gift your loved one these stylish sweatpants on your anniversary!

28. Ultimate Organizing Box

The Ultimate Organizing Box is a great gift. This box has things he can use every day. It makes his life easier. He can keep all his stuff in one place. The box helps him stay tidy and organized all the time.

It’s perfect for any man that likes to keep things neat!

29. Boot and Shoe Care Kit

A boot and shoe care kit is a substantial gift for any guy in your life who loves to spend time outdoors. This will make his work boots or hiking boots last longer, saving him money in the long run. You can find these kits at most clothing stores and online, but you can also make one yourself by purchasing shoe polish, a brush, and a water-repellent made for leather.

You can also purchase a leather conditioner, which will help keep his boots soft and comfortable. This gift will last for years to come and will ensure that your guy’s footwear remains in tip-top shape.

30. Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia is an excellent idea for any sports fan. If your man loves a specific sport, you can purchase something related to that sport. For example, you can purchase a jersey or helmet from his favorite team if he loves football.

You can get a jersey from his favorite team if he loves baseball. You can purchase a signed bat or ball if your husband is more into the game than the players. There are plenty of other options for those who love hockey or basketball.

31. Portable Power Bank

Portable power banks provide a convenient solution for charging your phone while on the move. They allow you to charge your friends’ phones when their batteries run low, making them a practical choice for social outings. Additionally, if you frequently travel, they are especially useful as they can be used internationally without requiring an adaptor.

RephraseIf you have a friend who frequently travels, this gift suggestion might be perfect for them. A portable power bank is also handy when power is unavailable, especially during emergencies.

32. Portable Coffee Maker

Portable coffee makers are a great way to jumpstart your day and make an excellent gift for that special man in your life. The biggest benefit of these coffee makers is their versatility, which allows you to enjoy your favorite coffee anytime, anywhere. This feature is particularly useful for frequent travelers who don’t want to miss out on their daily caffeine intake.

Adventurous Anniversary Gifts

33. Outdoor gear or equipment

Outdoor gear makes great gifts! If he loves the outside, buy him a duffle bag or backpack. These are perfect for carrying things on trips. They can hold many items and are easy to carry.

Fixed blades or folding knives also make good gifts for outdoor lovers. He can use these tools for different tasks in the wild. Also, think about sports gear if he enjoys activities like fishing or football.

These cool gift ideas will help him enjoy his time outdoors even more!

34. Tickets to a thrilling event

Going to a thrilling event can be fun. Think of buying tickets as an anniversary gift for him. It could be a music concert, a sports game, or even a magic show! This kind of gift is great for making new memories together.

You can enjoy the event and have a great time. This could make your special day more exciting and fun!

35. Experiences such as cooking or mixology classes

Cooking or mixology classes make fun gifts. Your guy can learn new skills in these classes. They are also great for guys who love food or drinks. He can cook up a tasty meal or mix his own drinks after the class.

This gift is full of joy and learning, making it a top choice for anniversaries.

36. Tickets to His Favorite Concert

Your husband may not want to go out with friends after work every weekend, but he’ll love seeing his favorite band perform in front of thousands of screaming fans! Book tickets early so there’s no chance of missing out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

37 A Wine-Tasting Trip

If your husband enjoys wine, taking him on a trip where he can taste different wines from around the world is a great way to celebrate your anniversary. You’ll want to plan to take advantage of special deals offered by wineries during certain times of the year.

Some wineries offer discounts on bottles or flights if you purchase them in advance or at certain times (such as during harvest season). Also, most wineries require reservations in advance and won’t allow anyone under 21 years old onto their property.

38. Couples Getaway

A weekend getaway can be a great way to celebrate an anniversary. But what is a couple’s getaway, exactly? A couple’s getaway is when you and your partner pack up and go away for the weekend—without kids or other distractions. It’s your time to escape and enjoy each other without worrying about work, chores, or anything else that might keep you from focusing on each other.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip either: often, these adventures are closer than you think! You may want to visit an area of interest within driving distance with local amenities. However, it still feels like an escape—you could take advantage of a nearby national park (or state park) by camping under the stars or staying at a cabin nearby.

Other options include visiting historical sites, local breweries/wineries, museums, and art galleries—or even just renting out somebody’s house while they’re away!

Luxury Anniversary Gifts

39. High-end clothing or accessories

High-end clothes or extras are good gifts. They show love and care. Suits made by designers can make him look sharp. Even shirts that fit just right can make a big difference.

Accessories like fancy watches, shiny cufflinks, and nice wallets can also be great gifts. These items usually have top-notch stuff like silk, cashmere, or leather. You can add his initials or a special message to make it more personal.

It’s key to consider what he likes when picking out these high-end gifts.

10. Fragrances or cologne

High-end fragrances or cologne make a great gift. They show class and style. If you know what smells he likes, this is perfect. Luxury brands offer many choices. You can buy them at fancy stores or in the mall.

It’s smart to make him feel special on your anniversary day!

41. Jewelry

Jewelry is a great pick for a luxury gift. A watch tops the list. It’s not just used to tell time; it can add style, too. Some watches have extra features like a GPS tracker or step counter.

For an extra wink of love, get his initials engraved on it! Consider a personalized watch storage box if he already has many watches. Maybe you feel good giving him a ring? You can find different styles of wedding rings on our site that would make perfect anniversary gifts, too! And don’t forget cufflinks and decanters for the guy who loves his suits and drinks in style!

Last Minute Anniversary Gifts

42. Thoughtful DIY gifts (e.g., homemade beer brewing kit, customized painting)

You can make your gifts too! A homemade beer brewing kit is a fun DIY idea. You get to pick the flavors and add your touch. It’s a gift that will give him something to do and a tasty drink at the end!

Another great option is making a custom painting. Pick up some paints and brushes from an art store. Pour all your love on canvas; it doesn’t have to be perfect because the effort you put into it matters! This way, you’re giving him more than paint on canvas; you share part of yourself through art.

43. Surprise date night plans

Plan a surprise date night for him as a gift. Pick his favorite movie or make dinner reservations at his favorite restaurant. You can also plan something new, like a bike ride or a star gazing trip.

Maybe he got tickets to a game he wanted to see. Just plan it all out and let him enjoy the night without lifting a finger. Your effort will show how much you care for him!

44. Homemade gift basket

A homemade gift basket can be full of his favorite things. Put in snacks, drinks, or books he likes. You can also add items for his hobbies. For example, if he loves drawing, put in sketch pens and a nice drawing book.

Fill the basket with unique spices and cooking tools if he enjoys cooking. Making a gift basket shows how well you know and care about his interests. It’s a special way to show your love on an anniversary day! Plus, the webpage offers free shipping on orders over $75, which saves money.

45. Personalized love coupons

You can now make love coupons for him. These are not regular store coupons. They are fun and thoughtful gifts. You write things he loves or wants to do with you on them. It could be a movie night, a back rub, or even cooking his favorite meal.

He chooses when to use them by giving them to you individually. Your guy will find this gift special and full of surprises every time he uses it!

46. A Night at His Favorite Sports Event

The best way to show your husband that you love him and appreciate his love for sports is by taking him to his favorite sports event. He’ll be thrilled you took the time to plan something special for him.

If you live near a professional arena, then tickets are easier than ever to come by. But if your hubby loves a particular college team, then buying tickets can be more difficult. You may be able to get them from scalpers, but it may be worth it to wait until the last minute when the tickets open up for sale online.

He’ll never forget this experience, which can be displayed in the house for years. You can also enjoy it together, so it’s the perfect anniversary gift for married couples.

DIY Anniversary Gifts

47. Handmade photo albums or scrapbooks

Handmade photo albums or scrapbooks make a great gift. You can fill them with pictures of your time together. These could be from special days or just fun times you’ve had. Add stickers, notes, and other important items to both of you.

Your guy will love this personal gift. It shows you care about him and all the moments you’ve shared. It is more than just an album or book – it’s a memory lane he can visit anytime!

48. Baked goods or gourmet treats

Bake cookies, and cakes or make other sweet treats as a gift. It is a fun way to show your love. You can try new recipes and make his favorite food. Pack them in an eye-catching box to wow him further! Another idea is making gourmet snacks like flavored popcorn or candies at home.

This gift will save you money and add a personal touch to the anniversary celebration.

49. Personalized artwork or storybook

Make his day special with a personalized artwork or storybook. Your art could be of a place you love, like where you first met. Or draw the two of you having fun together! For a storybook, write about your favorite times as a couple.

You can even make it look like a comic book! This is something he will keep forever and read time and again. It’s an anniversary gift and shows him how much you care.

50. Personalized Whiskey Decanter

A Personalized Whiskey Decanter is a fun gift idea. You can make it unique with your touches. This special decanter can hold his favorite whiskey. It shows up under the category of drinkware on our webpage.

But this is not just any drinkware! His name, a sweet note, or maybe even an inside joke can be etched onto it. It’s a great way to mix fun and function in one gift that will remind him of you whenever he pours a glass to enjoy.

Final Thoughts on Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

These are some great ideas for a meaningful anniversary gift. The best thing about them is that you can choose something based on something the two of you share or enjoy, like a favorite sports team or band.

You could also give him something he’d never buy for himself, like a pair of cufflinks or a monogrammed travel bag (if he travels). It’s always hard to know what to get boyfriends/husbands for anniversaries and birthdays, but hopefully, you can use this list as a starting point for your great ideas.

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