42 Best Gifts Ideas for Dog Lovers That Will Raise the Woof

Dog Lover

If you have a friend who loves dogs, finding the perfect gift is a great way to show them how much you care. Our gift ideas are perfect for both the pet and its owner, making it easier for you to bring joy to their lives.

The important thing to remember is that you want to get something that both will enjoy. This can be difficult sometimes, but with our list of ideas, you will find something they’ll love – or at least get some ideas for your gift.

Best Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves dogs, this list of gift ideas is a great starting point.

1. Custom Pet Portraits

You, as a dog lover, can turn your pet’s photo into art! The AWESOMETIK custom pet portrait does just that. It creates a picture of your dog that looks like a painting. Or you could go for the ANAVIA pet portrait necklace.

This necklace has charms shaped like your dog’s face! Both these gifts will keep your bond with your pet fresh all the time. You get to carry a memory of them around wherever you go.

These are great gifts for friends who have dogs, too! They’re unique and show how much you care about their furry pals.

2. Personalized Pet Accessories

Dog lovers can get special pet accessories. You can add your dog’s name or picture on them. This makes the gift unique! It shows you love and care about your friend’s dog as much as they do.

There is a lot to choose from. Dog beds, leashes, collars, and bowls can have names or pictures put on them. The Orvis Personalized Reflective Collar is a great idea for safety at night, too! A personalized accessory is ideal for dog owners who like out-of-the-ordinary things.

3. Funny Dog-Themed Items

Dog wigs and funny hats make dogs look cute and give people a good laugh. You can buy these items for your dog-loving friends. They also come in many styles and sizes. Some of them can even match the style of the dog owner! There are also sports leashes and puzzle toys that feature fun designs.

These gifts will amuse and please both dogs and their owners.

4. Fuzzy Socks with Dog Designs

Dog lovers will enjoy fuzzy socks with dog designs. These socks are super soft and comfy. They have fun pictures of dogs on them. You might see your favorite breed on these socks! This gift is perfect for dog owners who like warm feet and cute things.

These socks don’t cost a lot, but they do bring joy. They come in many sizes so that everyone can wear them. If you know someone who loves dogs, give them these cozy socks. They’ll love the thought behind this gift!

5. Breed-Specific Merchandise

You will love the breed-specific items. These are custom-made for each dog type. You can find shirts, mugs, and stickers with your dog’s breed. For example, Great Dane lovers might enjoy a shirt that says “Great Dane Mom.”

Also, gifts like these show you know and value what makes your pet special. It’s always fun to show off your favorite breed! Get an item in this line to brighten any dog lover’s day.

6. Pet Hair Removers

Dog hair can be all over in a dog lover’s home. Pet Hair Removers are tools that help to clean up the mess. They pick up loose fur from clothes, furniture, and carpets. These removers make great gifts for pet owners who want their space tidy.

Many types of pet hair removers are easy to use and carry around. This can save time on cleaning and keep homes looking nice!

7. Travel Carriers

Travel carriers are a great gift for dog lovers. They help to keep pets safe during trips. There are many types of travel carriers. Some can sit in the car seat. Others can be carried by hand or on your shoulder.

Dog owners who travel often will love this gift! The Yeti Trailhead Two-in-One Dog Bed is a good type of carrier to think about. It’s easy to move and has a part that comes out, so it’s comfy for dogs, too!

8. Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a big hit with dog lovers. They bring joy to your pet each month. These boxes have fun toys and tasty treats for dogs of all sizes. Some even have items that keep your dog healthy and happy.

You can pick a box that fits your dog’s size and likes best. Some boxes focus on giving dogs good, natural things to eat and play with. Other boxes give you a mix of known brands and fun finds from smaller companies.

You get new stuff in the mail every month without needing to shop! It’s an easy way to ensure you’re always stocking up on supplies.

9. Books on Dog Care and Training

Dog care and training books are a great gift. One of the best is “The Story of an Unbreakable Bond” by Simon Garfield. This book talks about how dogs and humans have been friends for years.

It uses stories from history, cool art, and science facts to make reading fun. You can also learn how people care for their dogs in different ways. A good book can help you understand your dog more.

10. Pet Hair Remover

Pet hair can be a big problem. It sticks to clothes, rugs, and furniture. You need the Chom Chom Pet Hair Remover if you own a dog with much hair. It gets rid of pet hair quickly and easily.

You roll it back and forth on where the hair is. This tool needs no refills or replacements either, so it lasts long!

11. A pillow pet

A pillow pet makes a perfect gift for dog lovers. It’s not just a toy, but it can be a soft friend for dogs to cuddle with. These pillows come in many cute dog designs. They are made of safe and strong stuff that lasts long.

You can clean them easily, too! Dog owners will love to have this pillow pet at home. It adds fun and charm to any room. This is more than just another dog accessory – it is comfort, fun, and style all together!

12. Benebone Wishbone Chewer

The Benebone Wishbone Chewer is a great gift for dogs. This chew toy is made of chicken-flavored nylon. Dogs love the taste! The shape of this toy looks like a wishbone. It’s easy for dogs to hold and chew.

This chewer comes in many sizes. Big or small, all dogs can enjoy it! Dog owners love this because it keeps their pets busy for a long time. Also, it’s very strong and doesn’t break easily.

Oh, and guess where it was made? Right here in the USA!

13. Water on the go

You need to keep your dog hydrated, just like you. A portable water bottle is a must-have for any dog owner. We suggest the Springer Travel Dog Water Bottle. It’s easy to carry and use on hikes or walks with your pet.

This makes it a great gift for active dog owners who love outdoor fun with their pets. This water bottle keeps dogs healthy and happy by giving them fresh water when they need it!

14. Ruffwear Quencher Dog Bowl

The Ruffwear Quencher Dog Bowl is a great gift for your dog. It can hold a lot of water, up to 2.5 liters! If you like hiking with your dog, this bowl is perfect. You can fold it and pack it in your bag easily.

This ensures your dog always has fresh water while away from home. The bowl is tough, too, so it will not break or tear easily outdoors.

15. A toy that’s twice the fun

The Kong Jumbler Ball is a toy that gives twice the fun. It rolls and squeaks to keep your dog busy. Your pet can bite it, chase it, or shake it. The fun never stops with this ball! Plus, it’s tough so dogs won’t chew through it fast.

This toy makes a great gift for dog lovers out there!

16. Kong Jumbler Ball

The Kong Jumbler Ball is a great toy for dogs. It has a tough rubber outside. Inside, there’s a fun tennis ball that squeaks. This makes playtime lots of fun for your dog.

This toy can help to keep your dog busy. The sound and movement of the inside ball keep them excited and focused on the game. That’s why Wirecutter says it’s one of the best dog gifts! So, if you’re looking at gift ideas, think about this awesome Ball!

17. Silent squeakers

Silent squeakers are a cool gift for dog lovers. They make sounds that only dogs can hear. This gives your furry friend some fun and keeps the house quiet at the same time. A good pick is the Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Squeaker Toy.

Your dog will love this toy, and you’ll enjoy some peace too!

18. Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Squeaker Toy

The Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Squeaker Toy is a fun gift. Dogs of all sizes and breeds love it. This toy makes sounds that only dogs can hear so that it won’t annoy you! It uses an ultrasonic squeaker that humans cannot hear.

Tough stuff is used to make this toy. So, even if your dog loves to chew, it will last long.

19. Play-or-treat

OurPets IQ Treat Ball is a great toy for dog lovers. You can fill this ball with your dog’s favorite treat. Your pet will have fun playing with it and getting treats simultaneously.

This way, your dog both plays and eats. It helps to keep them busy when you are not home or cannot play with them. The ball also helps improve your dog’s mind as they find ways to get the food out of it.

It is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs.

20. OurPets IQ Treat Ball (3-inch)

The OurPets IQ Treat Ball is a fun option for dog lovers. This ball gets dogs to think as they play. They sniff and roll it to get the hidden treats inside. It helps your pet’s mind stay sharp.

This toy is also safe for dogs. It is made of BPA-free plastic that won’t harm them. The balls are strong and last long, even if your dog plays hard with them daily!

21. Toss and tug

The House Dogge Boo Boo Binky Toy is a great gift. You can toss it, and your dog will fetch it. Then, you can play tug with your furry friend. It’s fun for both of you! A lot of dog owners like this toy.

Even groomers and trainers say it’s good for dogs to play with. This toy is fun and useful for making your pet strong and happy.

22. House Dogge Boo Boo Binky Toy

The House Dogge Boo Boo Binky Toy is a great gift for dogs who like to play. The toy is made of wool and rope. Dogs can carry it or play a fun game of tugging with it. This is not just any toy; we tried it out on big dogs like Great Danes and Australian Shepherds, and they loved it! It’s safe for your pet, too, because the makers thought hard about ensuring the toy would last long without being risky for dogs to have so much fun with.

It’s perfect if you need an easy but useful gift idea.

23. SodaPup eMat Enrichment Lick Mat

The SodaPup eMat Enrichment Lick Mat is a top gift idea for dog lovers. It’s a fun and smart mat you can fill with treats like peanut butter. This keeps dogs busy and calm. The mat also makes dogs think, stopping them from doing bad things at home.

Even after using it many times, the mat stays in good shape. After your dog licks the treat off, you can clean the mat easily in your dishwasher!

24. A pedigreed tea set

Dog lovers like nice things, too. They might love a pedigreed tea set. This is not any old kind of tea set. It has great style and high quality. The tea set can be a very good gift for someone who loves dogs.

This pedigreed tea set will make them feel special whenever they use it. Each cup of tea will remind them of their furry friend and how much you care about them both!

25. Poppy Angeloff Pups on Cups Complete Teacups & Saucer

The Poppy Angeloff Pups on Cups Complete Teacups & Saucer is a great gift. They show hand-made pictures of many dog types. The brand, Poppy Angeloff, makes them with care and style.

Each cup and saucer has a good design. You can drink from them or look at them if you like both dogs and tea!

26. Orvis Personalized Reflective Collar

The Orvis Personalized Reflective Collar is a great gift for dog lovers. It shines bright in the dark, ensuring dogs are easy to see. Add your pet’s name and phone number to the collar.

If your dog gets lost, people can call you immediately! The collar comes in different sizes for small and big dogs. Also, it’s made out of strong stuff that won’t break easily from daily use.

Now that’s a cool collar!

27. Perfect for pool time

The SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws is a great gift for dog lovers. It lets your pet have fun in the pool with you. The float is strong and safe for all dogs to use. It doesn’t pop like blow-up pool toys can.

Your dog will love playing on this when it’s hot outside!

28. SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws

The SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws is a fun gift for dogs. Dogs can play in the pool with this pool float. It’s made strong, so it won’t pop if your dog jumps on it.

Dogs of all sizes like to use this float. They will have a lot of fun with it, and their owners will too!

29. Dog Socks

Dog socks are a fun and useful gift. They keep your dog’s paws warm during winter. Some have grips on the bottom to stop dogs from slipping on smooth floors. Dog socks come in many colors and styles, so you can choose ones that match your pet’s personality! Also, they protect their paws when walking outside, where it may be sharp rocks or hot pavement.

So, getting your friend or family member who loves dogs some cool socks would make them smile!

30. Dog Beds

Dog beds make a great gift for dog lovers. Dogs love to have their special place to sleep and rest. There are many types of dog beds on the market. Some have memory foam, like the Casper Dog Bed, which helps to ease pressure points.

For cold weather, check out K&H Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed; it is electrically heated! If you need an easy-to-clean option, try the Fable Dog Bed, which resists water. Also, the Yeti Trailhead bed is perfect if your pup goes on travels with you; its center section comes off for easy packing.

Giving a comfy bed can help keep dogs happy and healthy!

31. Winter Jackets and Raincoats for Dogs

Dog lovers need winter jackets and raincoats for their pets. The WeatherBeeta 300D Deluxe Reflective Parka is a top pick. It keeps dogs dry in the wet season and warm on cold days.

These items are made of waterproof material that lets air pass through. Bright strips help cars see dogs at night. They come in all sizes, so no dog misses out on comfort!

32. High-Quality Leashes and Collars

Dog lovers know a strong leash is key. Not all leashes and collars are the same. The ones we tested were great for our furry friends. Both big dogs and small dogs liked them.

You can’t go wrong with High Tail Hikes Sport Leashes + Long Lines. They’re perfect for outdoorsy owners who love hikes with their pets. Another good pick is the Rifruf Commuter Leash.

It’s easy to use because it’s hands-free! Plus, it has an adjustable slider and shiny details you can see in the dark.

33. Futon Dog Bed

This is more for the dog, but you can be sure the dog’s owner will also be happy. Many different styles are available, with all sorts of materials used to make the bed. The only drawback to this gift idea is that it can be expensive if you try to stay under a specific dollar amount.

34. The Tagg Tracker

This is around $100 with an $8/month fee currently, but it’s beneficial – especially for dogs that like to wander away for one reason or another. This GPS collar clip and charger station is pretty nifty and will let you know how much exercise your dog is getting and where they are at all times.

35. Dyson Groom Tool

You can get this for $70, but anyone with one will tell you it’s worth that and much more. If you have a dog that sheds a lot during the warmer months, this is a fantastic way to take care of it with your Dyson mower. Over 300 individual slicker bristles help collect as much hair as possible.

36. Filson Dog Car Seat Saver

This is great for people who like to take their canine friend(s) in the car. It gives smaller dogs a comfortable place to sit while not tearing up the inside of your car. Be prepared to spend around $150 on this, but it will make an excellent gift.

37. Mutt Mitt

This is an excellent, biodegradable way for a friend or loved one to pick up poop left behind by their puppy. It’s only $10 for a hundred of them, which is inexpensive. It makes a substantial gift for any dog owner who has complained about following their dog around lately.

38. Custom Pet Portrait

If you have a picture of a pet, it’s straightforward to get a portrait done of them. Trust us when we say dog lovers will go crazy over this one. Prices for this will range anywhere from $20 to $200 or more, depending on the artist you have done the portrait.

39. Wooden Leash Holder

You’ve probably heard of a key holder and things to hold jackets or coats, but check into getting a wooden leash holder. If you’re creative, get one shaped like a dog bone. You can make this on your own if you’re good at woodworking.

40. FURminator deShedding Tool

This inexpensive gift will go over well with a dog and its owner. It’s specially made to help with shedding dogs during the warmer months. This is a high-quality grooming tool that is sure to be appreciated.

41. Books on Dog Training

Do you know someone who has a dog that misbehaves a lot? Why not get them a book (or over one) on how to train their dog? This probably won’t be a good gift idea if you were complaining about the behavior of someone’s dog, but if the pet owner was complaining, get some obedience books!

42. Dog Movies

This great gift idea doesn’t cost much money and will make a dog lover smile. Avoid the well-known classics and get something they might not have seen before.

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Dog Lovers

As long as you spend time thinking about the people who are getting your gift and making it personal, there’s a good chance they’ll like what you get.

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